Why my Perfect Vision is Actually a Curse

Guys. For the second time in just two months I have lost a pair of legitimate Ray Ban sunglasses.

We’re talking $350 completely down the drain in the span of a short amount of time. What the hell is wrong with me?

Never mind the fact that I somehow STILL have an ugly pair of Aviators I got for Christmas 6 years ago. Totally makes sense, right?

Never one to attribute such losses to my own forgetfulness, I’ve come up with a rational explanation:

It’s the curse of perfect vision.

Sure, you may think I’ve been blessed with good eyesight – no need for irritating contacts or cumbersome glasses. But alas, all you four-eyes have something I don’t: an instinct to ensure you have your glasses or contacts with you at all time.

I clearly do not possess such a gene.

So as long as these baby blues keep seeing crystal clear, it’s hello cheap sunnies and so-long Ray Bans.

Farewell, my friend, I barely knew you.


RIP my beauties